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Welcome, Authors!

Author registration will be open to All Romance Genre Authors and all authors who wish to participate/sign their books will have a spot at the Book Fair. (There is no lottery for tables.  If we hit capacity, we will let you know ahead of time and then end author registration so no one feels unfairly shut out--or allow you to make the choice to attend as an author/participate in the Retreat except for the Book Fair.)


More details about participation will be available soon but for now: there's no charge to put items in Reader bags, no charge for workshop spaces but we'll take workshop idea submissions for each genre track so start brainstorming ;-). No charge to participate in your genre special party/highlighted event. Sponsorship is welcome and wanted but you do not have to pay to play.  The goal is to feature everyone, to make everyone feel special and to give everyone equal access to readers. We'll have sign-ups for participating roles at various parties and encourage you to step forward if you want to host something with author friends. Sharing costs with a group makes everything easier and so long as you follow TRR guidelines, we'll do our best to add your party to the schedule.

Workshops will be genre based but not craft/writing based.  The goal is to make things hands-on and fun--but with a purpose.  An example would be that instead of discussing on a panel how you write about witches in a paranormal romance series, you'd have a great workshop where they get to be part of a "coven", make love spells (that end up being fragrant sachets for their drawers), and learn about the history of herbal medicine, witchcraft and the lore around it. You can talk about some of the wonderful things you've learned and it becomes this amazing bonding experience. They have a take-away item, they got to hang out with one or more new authors, and everyone in that room feels like they are now a part of something.  I'm just riffing here.  

We will ask you for twenty-five copies of your books for Reader Bags/giveaways (a single title that you are Not Planning on Offering at the Book Fair).  We will ask you to bring charms on lobster clasps for an awesome necklace that Readers will be creating throughout the Retreat.  And we'll ask you to be present, to have fun and to relax.

won't rattle on endlessly here, but if you have questions, just send me a note!  After you register, we will send you the complete "TRR Author Guidelines" and get things rolling!

p.s. One last thing. Final rule. No drama. We're going to leave all professional conflicts and any tendencies toward unkind behavior on the other side of check-in. Let's support each other and make The Romance Retreat the ultimate safe haven for fans of romance and all who create it.