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This Event Has Been Cancelled.

It was my dream to create a new kind of romance fan event--something for Readers to feel spoiled and for Authors to feel celebrated no matter what their publishing platform, or genre. Unfortunately, the challenges proved too great and I had to admit defeat.  We hope to recoup at some point and come back but...no promises.

For now, I am reaching out to all our authors and supporters in an effort to make it up to them if I can. It may take time but I'm determined.  In the meantime, if the Historical Romance Retreat has any appeal, please reach out and we'll add you to that wonderful event on Sept. 11-15 (www.HistoricalRomanceRetreat.com). 

I am truly sorry for any inconvenience, upset or harm this change has caused anyone in my beloved romance family. I also want to thank everyone who has sent words of encouragement and care.  It means the world to me--especially now.

Thank you,

Renee Bernard